Organizing & Home Staging

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Organizing – live fully in your home

Are you at war with your clutter? Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Do you navigate an obstacle course in your home? Does removing something from a kitchen cupboard cause the room’s upheaval? If so, your space may be ergonomically challenged or even hazardous – the assistance of one of our Professional Organizers can help.

Organizing your home is revitalizing, offering a sense of renewal – it allows you to live more fully in your home. Seniors in Stride is genuinely interested in helping you improve your living space and quality of life.

What we can do – the many benefits to being organized

Our goal with our organizing services is to make the most out of your living space through effective storage ideas and solutions, implementing organizing systems, space planning and room redesign.

Being organized promotes harmony in the home. It allows you to be more productive with your home activities translating to more leisure time, so you can focus on things that are important.  It also supports a safe environment free from tripping hazards, reduces the risk of fall injuries, and eliminates the potential for things to fall on you – critical to the living environment of a senior.

Freeing yourself from the burden of maintaining too much stuff is liberating!

Space planning / room redesign – make your room work

Your space may not be working for you for the activities you carry out. We can assess the activities you normally perform (or would like to perform) in a given space, and redesign that space to match your needs.   This may be high traffic areas such as a living room or kitchen to less accessed storage areas where we can develop easy retrieval solutions.

Areas we organize

We will work on every area in your home, from bathrooms, to the kitchen, basement to garage. And we don’t stop there, Seniors in Stride also offers home office organizing solutions for better document management.

Document Management – oh, the paper!

It’s amazing how much paperwork can build up, and quickly! Establishing a well organized storage and filing system saves time. It allows you to locate and retrieve, sort and file items efficiently. We develop file/document organization systems, so you can manage your paperwork and achieve retrieval with ease. You’ll go from paper piles to organized files!

Education – a sustainable system

Seniors in Stride’s policy is to ensure you, our client, is trained on how to sustain your new organized systems, so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come. We will stay in touch with you to help if you need a refresher. We also offer our follow up programs should you require support in maintaining your systems going forward.

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