Downsizing & Rightsizing

Chosing the right home size

Downsizing / Rightsizing – have your house fit your lifestyle

As we age our home-needs change and what once worked in our home may no longer be functional or fit our lifestyle. Repurposing rooms and living spaces can help for those able and wishing to remain in the family home and not downsize to a smaller property. This can also be a less expensive approach. However, this option is not suitable for everyone’s situation, where moving to a smaller space, or assisted living may be far more manageable.

Big task – big reward

Whether repurposing the current home or doing a full-scope move, the first thing that must be tackled is paring down the accumulation of a life’s worth of treasured belongings. Filing through these items is difficult – it is emotional, physically exhausting and can be overwhelming, particularly for older adults.  The seemingly unsurmountable task is a big reason why many put off doing, and some find themselves in urgent situations. Don’t be overwhelmed – Seniors in Stride offers options to make this an easier and even liberating experience. We work with you to develop a fully customizable action plan, you can pick as many or as few services as required, and we work to a budget and time-frame that suits you.

Let our knowledgeable and caring specialists help you to achieve a home environment that fits your lifestyle, making it healthy and enjoyable.

Downsize / Rightsize services:

  • Develop  an overall fully customized plan with client
  • Room-by-room assessments
  • Customized floor plans
  • Organizing and sorting
  • Arrange for disposal of ‘downsized / right-sized’ items through our Environment specialist and strategic partner
  • Research auction for salvageable items
  • Document shredding
  • Room redesigns and upgrades
  • Home-staging, home upgrades in preparation of home for sale/market
  • Redistribution of furniture/items
  • Install and/or implement organizing systems
  • Cleaning/waste removal, hoarding clean-outs, shopping/senior escort
  • Follow up programs


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